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Branding Power: Learning YouTube Branding Secrets From Your Favorite Stores


In recent years, brands and retail stores have fully embraced the power of social media. It’s a great way to enhance their marketing, reinforce their brands, connect with fans and educate their fan bases about new products and collections.

Brands took their cues from popular social media creators and influencers, and now, we can take some great lessons from those brands! Below, you’ll find a list of MagicLinks partner retailers that have a strong presence on YouTube, with links to their YT pages and a brief rundown of the types of videos they produce. Check out their video archives for ideas for videos for your own channel!

BooHoo Clothing – Loads of lookbook videos, Ways To Wear tutorials, behind the scenes glimpses

Nordstrom – Interviews with designers, celebs and influencers, lookbooks, tutorials, fashion week insider videos

Paula’s Choice – Skincare advice videos, product tutorials, ingredient backgrounds

Sephora – Technique and tutorial videos, new product announcements and tutorials, celebrity interviews, trend alerts, brand guides

Tarte Cosmetics – Makeup tutorials, new product commercials, monthly favorites, giveaways

Too Faced Cosmetics – Collection and new product overviews, behind-the-scenes glimpses, makeup tutorials

Ulta – Trend and technique tutorials for makeup and hair, skin care advice from brands, sale alerts, new product videos

Victoria’s Secret – Behind-the-scenes videos of photo & video shoots and the VS Fashion Show, commericals, interviews with VS Angels, styling tutorials



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