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Social Media Savvy: Instagram


YouTube is great, but it’s important to not neglect other social media platforms as you grow your channel and connect with subscribers all over the world. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, Twitter, and other platforms are just as important as YouTube, but navigating all of them can get confusing. We’re here to help with a series of tutorials on different social media platforms, to help you maximize your online presence and keep you connected with your subscribers. Today: Instagram!

Track Metrics: Sites like IconoSquare help you analyze a) where your followers are from, b) your average number of likes & comments per photo, c) your most popular posts, d) the best time of day for you to post to IG to attract the most clicks from your unique set of followers, and many other advanced analytics.

Follow @Instagram and Participate in Challenges: Instagram’s own IG account frequently holds #projects challenges, where they ask users to create photos of a certain theme and tag IG with the appropriate hashtag. Doing well in one of these challenges can mean you might get added to Instagram’s “Suggested User” list, which can garner you thousands of new followers in a snap.

Maximize Mini Videos: Videos of 3-15 seconds are allowed, and they’re a great way to post previews of your YouTube videos. Just like Vine, you’ll want to make sure every second of your video is engaging, easy to follow, and has good quality audio.

Know Your Niche: Beauty blogger? Post lots of #fotd and tutorials, pics of your makeup shopping trips and makeup fails (everyone loves a laugh)… You get the idea. It’s fine to post pictures of your adorable dog on your nail art-themed IG, but the majority of your posts should be reinforcing your brand.

Hashtag with Care: There are literally millions (66,594,200 as of this writing) of posts tagged #makeup, which means your posts could get lost in the shuffle. Focus your hashtags using the trending hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, and more, and create your own hashtags that you encourage your followers to use.

Comment Back: Getting into comment wars with trolls is RARELY a good idea. Instead, focus on replying to positive comments with sincere, thought-out responses. Answer questions, thank them for their compliments, etc. You’ll never be able to reply to EVERYONE, every time, but make a point of responding whenever you can.

Follow Your Followers: Of course, you follow your friends & family, and your own favorite vloggers and bloggers, but think back to the first time one of your favorite YouTube or Instagram celebs followed YOU back. It made your day, right? Nothing garners subscriber goodwill like a follow-back and a few “likes” on their account!

Use MagicLinks Links: Our links aren’t just for YouTube videos! Post #fotd or #ootd and link to all your makeup, accessories, and clothes in your photo’s description box. Tons of shopping happens on Instagram, and you don’t want to miss out on a single commission!



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