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Optimizing Your Account: Should You Put Content Behind A Paywall?

We’ve all had the experience of browsing a website and clicking on an article or video, only to be told you needed to pay for a subscription to the site to see the content. Ugh. So Frustrating.

YouTube does allow Paid Content channels, but honestly? We’re not fans. The point of having affiliate links and enabling ads on your videos is so that you DON’T have to put content behind a paywall. Creating an authentic community with your subscribers means breaking walls down, not putting them up.

Creating special forums (think Tom & Lorenzo’s fan forum, Bitter Kittens) for your subscribers to interact is a great idea – but keep it free. Adding special subscriber-only content to newsletters on your website is also great – but keep it free. Nothing turns off internet users like having to pay for something they used to get for free, right?

Welcome to Optimize Your Account, where we’re breaking down what you need to know about social media platforms and MagicLinks to increase your online visibility, maintain authentic communication with brands and your subscribers, and maximize your MagicLinks experience and commissions. Got a topic you want us to cover? Email us!



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