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Holiday Livestreams: The 3 Steps to Earnings Success

Cover image courtesy of MagicLinks influencer Mena Adubea

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The 2020 holiday season will be unlike any we’ve seen: Less travel, fewer parties to attend, less hustle & bustle. It’s an introvert’s dream come true – AND a content creators’! Why? Your subscribers are home. They want entertainment. They have lots of shopping to do.

Time for some livestreaming!!

First up: Build the anticipation.

You’ll get way more attendees if you promote your holiday livestreams ahead of time – and if you start doing it regularly on a certain day & time. Give fans:

  • The date & time of the livestream
  • What you’ll be doing
  • A chance to submit questions for you to answer during the event

Keep reminding fans across all your channels, i.e. tweeting, “Don’t forget! I’m going to livestream & hang on YouTube Saturday at 12pm PST as I decorate my Christmas tree! Click here to choose the ugly Christmas sweater I wear!”

Second: Plan ahead.

Make sure you have all your Santa hat-wearing ducks in a row:

  • What will you be doing – baking cookies? Making a holiday craft? Wrapping presents? Testing holiday makeup palettes? Live gift guide?
  • Is your internet connection or wifi solid?
  • Phone or laptop battery charged?
  • MagicLinks created for products you want to talk about ready to paste into the livestream chat?
  • Products ready to show?
  • Do you have the automated publishing feature enabled on your channel’s settings, so that your livestream will live on your channel after it’s done? Pre-create an ObsessedWith.It page for the livestream, so you can give your subscribers the URL.

Third: Live In the (Livestreamed) Moment.

Now comes the fun part – hanging out with your fans! Make sure to answer questions, give your honest opinions, address people by name/username, and don’t get embarrassed if something goes wrong. It happens to all of us!

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