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What does authentic communication with your subscribers mean to you? I have always 100% been myself with my subscribers and I think as a creator you have to be. There are so many creators out there trying to fit a mold of what has worked for others instead of building themselves as they are. For me I keep my educational background infused into the world of beauty gurus and bloggers. I don’t want to just tell them to use a product, I want to tell my subscribers why they should use something, how it benefits them, what the ingredients mean and do, and what to look for in other products going forward to maximize benefits and knowledge behind let’s say skin care. I make sure I am proud of my content and is it something I would want to see/read/watch myself. My subscribers know they can expect the cold hard truth in the beauty world from me.

Have you ever struggled to stay authentic on a particular topic, or with a particular promotional or vlogging partner? Yes as a licensed cosmetologist and having a background in beauty education and trying to run my brand as educational, some products stood against or contained ingredients I had previously stated could have adverse effects on ones skin. So for me to turn around and promote a product that does just what I warned my Glam Fam about when I didn’t believe in it was one partnership I had to pass on.

How and why did you decide to start your channel? My background is a licensed cosmetologist and a former national educator who would train other licensed beauty professionals in advanced certification courses such as hair extensions or airbrush makeup. I love teaching and sharing my love of the beauty industry but also sharing the more technical or scientific reasoning behind it all. My students were only licensed professionals who could afford to take my courses and those were the only people I was reaching. I decided to leave and create my channel/website/app/brand where I have access to teaching anyone who wants to learn. I had come across so many individuals who had the passion and drive or wanted to better themselves or get into makeup but didn’t know where to start. I just truly wanted to share my passion and knowledge with anyone interested.

What is the most difficult challenge you’ve faced as you’ve grown your audience? My brand is mainly educational but in the beauty genre. I don’t have the ever popular GRWM videos or film any of the viral challenges for views. The beauty social media industry is over saturated enough as is with “self taught MUA” or beautiful people who photograph nicely. To take a genre that is so “watch me do this one makeup look!” to “harmful chemicals hiding in your everyday beauty products” is a pretty big jump from light hearted to heavy. I infuse my humor and passion into it so it’s not super boring and dull learning about it but it’s still a much smaller market of subscribers interested in learning. Most people want to just throw on a video in the background as they clean their room or something and not really have to pay attention. Because of it being kinda a niche market it’s harder to gain exposure. Also cross promotion over social media accounts. My website/app has 50k+ subscribers and is my main media. I have more control over it being 100% mine and not having to worry about a youtube or instagram algorithm change ruining everything I’ve worked towards. Most other creators have instagram or youtube as their main media and more convenient for subscribers to just stumble across. So creating the Glitterati Glamour app to be more convenient instead of accessing a website was also a challenge.

What inspires you? My main inspiration for creating content is conversations i see or have in my everyday life that leave me shocked on what I consider basic knowledge, but people have no clue on. It helps me create and teach them starting from the very beginning. For shooting looks I get inspired by props I get for pictures and arranging them so precociously until it just looks right to me. My makeup looks themselves take on a life of their own where I start knowing I want to use one certain product and just build a look around that as I go. I never have in mind what I want the finished product to look like when I start.

Do you have any pets? We love pets at MagicLinks! I have a little shih tzu/pomeranian mix named Dash who I cover on my Glitterati Glamour Pets page. I also have an instagram account for the little teddy bear @DashDaDawg. Recently he got featured by Maybelline and has also had campaigns with and BarkBox! Proud dog mom over here he is my baby.

What is your favorite MagicLinks feature? My favorite MagicLinks feature is definitely the Link Wand. It is so convenient and easy to create the links as you go online without opening tabs and going back and forth. Just click the little icon and BOOM done. Also creating your own links to make some money off any product/any site is wonderful when it’s something a little more obscure. MagicLinks is partnered with almost everyone and makes it a breeze to share the products and how my subscribers can get them themselves easily with no fuss.

What is one of the best comments you’ve ever received on one of your videos? I’ve had someone tell me that I completely changed their life and how they take care of themselves with the information I provided and taught about makeup and skincare. They said no one had ever taken the time to explain why you use certain skincare products and that she thought they were just a gimmick to get you to spend more money. She saw an instant transformation not only with her skin and makeup skills, but also that she felt good about herself for the first time in 5 years. That really touched me because as having been bullied for my looks and very depressed growing up I went into the beauty industry so no one else ever had to feel that way. To hear that my knowledge had helped them feel great about themselves for the first time in years as a direct result of me was life changing.

What is your favorite place to shop? I am addicted to Sephora. All of my skincare and makeup is mainly from here. For my affordable look books I wear a lot of Forever 21 or Target but I work at Neiman Marcus so I am constantly shopping both online and in store there. I like to mix the high and the lows.

Is there anything you’d like to share with others in the community about your experience with MagicLinks? MagicLinks is a game changer as a very independent content creator. I don’t fit the mold of most beauty gurus so I have many more conflicts of interests in certain sponsorship’s or promotions. With MagicLinks I can still make some extra money and produce content and share products I truly love and believe in only. They are partnered with almost any site you can think of and their links are very unobtrusive so you can share as many products as you’d like without it looking messy or tacky. Also if you have any questions they have the best support around.

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