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Welcome to Brands You Should Know, where we give you the lowdown on the hottest trending brands and stores that partner with MagicLinks. A huge part of being a successful content creator & influencer is staying on top of trends, and we’re dedicated to helping you do just that, quickly and easily.

You know those women that always seem to have the newest necklace or bag from an indie designer Instagram can’t get enough of, or whose children always look straight out of a baby fashion shoot – but yet she never seems to be broke? She probably (and by probably, we mean almost definitely) is a devotee of offers independent artisans, designers, and boutiques the chance to do online flash sales, and gives the rest of us the opportunity to shop said flash sales! There’s seriously a bit of everything: women’s clothes & accessories, men’s clothes, kid’s clothes, baby clothes, jewelry, shoes, beauty & wellness, maternity, home decor, pet gear, phone cases, and tons more.

Ready to link up and shop? just launched with MagicLinks at a premium gross commission rate and cookie duration. Since their sales end quickly, it’s best to link up often so you can take advantage of this great commission rate and tempt your subscribers into some impluse buys!

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