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#TrytheTrend: Mukbang

Hungry? Film a mukbang! Mukbang is a mix of 2 Korean words: “muk-ja” (eating) and “bang-song” (broadcasting). It involves a YouTuber eating (sometimes copious amounts) food on camera, while interacting with their audience, either through live chats or pre-written questions. Mukbangs are an intimate, relaxed way for you to connect with your fans, so let’s dig in, shall we?

Women’s Cashmere

$140 at Everlane
A mukbang is no place for tight jeans. These insanely soft, luxurious CASHMERE (yes, really) pants look as good as they feel.

Boos Block Maple
Wood Cutting Board

$132.95 at Wayfair
Professional mukbang-ers always make sure their food is in frame. Keep your food elevated with this gorgeous maple end grain block.

Stainless Steel

$12.95 for 5 pairs at Williams-Sonoma
Be kind to the earth when you film a mukbang: No disposable chopsticks, okay? These sleek ones are perfectly balanced.

Cast Iron Sukiyaki Hot
Pot Noodle Bowl w/ Lid

$19.99 at World Market
Keep your shoyu ramen nice and piping hot until filming time in this old school, cast iron lidded bowl. – ’cause no one likes cold ramen.

Weekday Huge
Cropped Sweatshirt

$32 at Asos
Cashmere sweatpants are one thing, but if you’re as clumsy as us, you don’t want to splatter food on a cashmere top. Cotton FTW!

Kari Gran Lip Whip
Treatment Balm

$20 at Credo Beauty
Went for spicy food? Cool down your lips with this divine peppermint-flavored balm, full of camellia oil and calendula extracts to soothe.

Bushwick Kitchen Weak
Knees Gochujang Sriracha

$9.95 at Sur la Table
Half the fun of watching mukbangs is challenging the spice meter. You game for this SERIOUSLY hot sriracha?

Kanto Dinnerware
Ramen Bowls

$28 for 2 at West Elm
These beautifully glazed stoneware bowls will look way better on camera than takeout boxes, AND keep your food warmer.

Threshold 20×20″
Natural Linen Napkins

$12.99 for 4 at Target
Mukbangs are all about food + eating, but no one wants to see your face covered in food, right? Keep it clean with these napkins.

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