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Meet MagicLinks User: Niki Murphy!

Name: Niki Murphy

YouTube Channel: Niki Murphy

Twitter: @BabyGirlNB32

Instagram: @BabyGirlNB32

Location: New York

How long have you been vlogging? For two years!

How long have you been using Magic Links? A little over a year I believe!

What is your favorite thing about Magic Links? The ease of using the website. It is incredibly easy and helpful.

What feature do you find the most useful in Magic Links? I love that there is an option to make links to coupons for my viewers with certain retailers!

What advice would you give other Magic Links users to get the most out of the program? I would definitely say, take your time and check out the site thoroughly. Magic Links has so much more to offer than just a link conversion and they are so helpful. Check out every option on the website and ask them about anything you do not understand because they are extremely helpful in every way!

Have any pets? We love pets here at MagicLinks! Yes, I have two cats! 🙂

Favorite Magic Links Retailer? Ulta and Sephora!

How did you get into vlogging? I am a stay at home mother who wanted to make friends and I would watch beauty channels and just decided one day to start vlogging! Beauty has always been a passion so it just felt right!

What are your favorite topics to vlog about? Makeup!

What is one of the best comments you have received on one of your videos? One of the best was when a subscriber told me that she was going through something really hard that day and my video had helped her through the extremely difficult time and made her laugh for the first time in a long time!

Where is your favorite place to shop? Ulta

P.S. Interested in being a Featured User on the MagicLinks blog? Contact!

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