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13 Halloween trends, brands and products to create your best content

The results are out! The most Googled Halloween searches of 2021 are: haunted houses, scary movies, pumpkin patches, trending costumes and, of course, Squid Game. We here at MagicLinks dug into the biggest Halloween trends to get your content (and costume) on point this year. Here’s PrettyLittleThing’s take on how you can get started.


One of the biggest trends we’ve seen this season are all things sparkly, with rhinestones and embellishments making a huge comeback. What better way to embrace the trend than on the one night of the year where being extra is all the rage? Check out Etsy’s rhinestone bodysuits and rhinestone accessories to brighten your shine. always has the best last min accessories to take your look to the next level and Windsor’s Halloween collection is all over this trend.

magiclinks windsor

And of course it’s always a great idea to bling your face out too! Our very own @pompberry breaks down a diamond makeup tutorial with style and grace. When you need that perfect makeup shade to complete your costume, consider sustainable makeup brands like Mac. They’ve reduced packaging and use safe products for the environment. e.l.f. also breaks down a list of ideas for Halloween here and be sure to check out fellow MagicLinks creators makeup tutorials too!

Masks will still be in our lives for the foreseeable future, so add sparkle to your spooky season that will seamlessly translate into the holidays with Zazzle’s sparkle face masks. We love this one that blends the spooky and the sparkle (or these from Redbubble).


The recurring Halloween mega trend of 2021? DIY, of course! Repurpose, reuse and recycle. Save money and reduce costume waste by repurposing old clothes, scanning thrift shops or sifting through your grandparents’ closet. Make it a group thing, thrifting is better with friends! AlexisSunshine83? She gets it 😉

Extend your DIY love into your home and get busy on Youtube finding sustainable Halloween decorations made with recycled materials. They give you so much more cred than some dinky plastic pumpkin – and you won’t be one of the Americans spending $2.36 billion on plastic decorations. For an eco-friendly Halloween, stick to sustainable decorations that can be stored and reused for years to come.

When you don’t have time to make something from scratch, turn to the pros. Target always has the last minute finds you need to tie it all together and Spirit Halloween has an entire section on ways to deck your house out for your friends. We like their tabletop projector for instant decor without the wasteful cleanup of traditional decor.


Call it basic, but we all LOVE our fall pumpkins. Pumpkin decor, like Wayfair’s Harvest Pumpkin, Bed Bath and Beyond’s version, West Elm’s adorable Halloween Pumpkin Mugs or even The Home Depot’sRotten Patch.” We also can’t wait for Halloween pumpkin carving sessions with coworkers or friends. But did you know pumpkins that end up in landfill will decompose and eventually emit methane – a greenhouse gas with more than 20 times the warming effect of carbon dioxide?

magiclinks pumpkin spice

Instead, try eating your spicy pumpkin this year! As long as the weather is cool enough to keep it fresh, pumpkins can be pureed into pies, soups and sauces. If not, compost.  If you don’t have a compost bin, find a sunny spot outdoors, slice it up and cover with leaves to speed up the composting process. Deer, squirrels or other wildlife  will love to come trick-or-treat at your place and enjoy the Halloween dessert.

Rather than contribute to the 600 million pounds of Halloween candy Americans will buy this year (most in single use plastic wrappers), try impressing your crew with a sweet treat! We like The Range’s recipes, like Bloody Eyeballs made with berries and jam and Severed Fingers with hot dogs. If you must buy pre-packaged goodies this year, opt for healthier alternatives from companies who are conscious about their. ingredients, packaging and waste.


At this point, most people know: it is never cool to take another culture out of context, anytime. This applies to costumes, home decor, your Halloween invitations and communications … all of it. Cultural appropriation is when any majority culture adopts part of a minority culture out of context. Think those Native American costumes you may have seen as a kid. Organizations like our non-profit partner United American Indian Involvement work hard to combat stereotypes their culture has been fighting for centuries and Hollywood is no help.

Any costume mimicking a culture, ethnicity or religion is a hard no. That includes the Mexican “Dia de los Muertos,” or Day of the Dead. Unless you are celebrating the holiday in earnest  – then you can feel free to go big on sugar skulls and makeup! Remember: Día de los Muertos is NOT Mexican Halloween. Good rule of thumb? Look in the mirror and confidently say that your costume choice would not be considered offensive to a particular race, ethnic origin, gender or religion. If you feel any type of cringe, it’s probably not okay to wear.

At MagicLinks, Halloween is a big deal. We try to celebrate it and make small decisions that benefit the planet and its people. Check out our commitment to responsible consumerism and follow our journey to sustainability here.

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