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Tour My Apartment (or home, or dorm room) videos always perform well. Why? Fans love getting a peek into your real life – not the carefully curated filming space + background you use for most of your videos. They’re just as interested in your throw pillows & vases as they are your take on contouring & baking. Link to your decor, tidy up a bit (or not, #nojudgement), and film away!


TheNotoriousKIA always makes us want everything in her videos, and this Organize My Closet With Me Vlog || Updated Apartment Tour video is no exception. We’re so stealing her style ideas!

Kayla Lashae uses every inch of space in her studio apartment, creating a trendy-yet-welcoming environment that her fans are loving in this Luxury Los Angeles Studio Apartment Tour video.


Penitas Stainless Steel
Modern Glam Armchair

$374.99 on sale at All Modern
This MCM armchair will add a touch of seriously elevated style to your abode. After all, you have to move beyond your IKEA furniture SOMEday, right? Right.

Shetland Toss

$98 at Apt 2B
A variety of colors + textures not only makes a space visually interesting, but gives it depth on camera This fuzzy pillow is just what your couch needs to stand out.

Saguaro, Mohave, & Santa
Cruz Cactus Vases

$17 each at Carlyle Avenue
If you (like us) can kill even “unkillable” succulents, split the difference and put some fresh cut flower or vine stems in these glass cactus vases. #nogreenthumbhere

Pinkley Pure Australian
Chunky Knit Wool Blanket

$236.99 on sale at Joss & Main
So soft. So trendy. So statement-making. Made from airy, pure Australian wool, this blanket will look amazing on camera AND on your lap during GoT binges.

Slay Your
Way Print

$17 at Mr. Kate
Now THIS is a daily affirmation print we can get behind. Put this minimalist, impactful poster in a colorful frame and let it inspire you & your fans every day.

OSEA for Parachute
Sleep Time Bath Salts

$29 at Parachute Home
No need to decant these plant-based bath salts into a pretty jar – they’re already in one. Set them on your bathtub ledge with some candles for a calming vibe.


$38-$58 at Serena & Lily
Brass adds a warm glow to any space, especially when it’s reflecting soft candlelight. Grab your fave scented candles and display them on these chic stands.

Gemma Floating
Nightstand Shelf

$59 at Urban Outfitters
A smart solution to cramped apartments, this ceiling-mounted nightstand lets you add height to your bedroom, while keeping your charger & candles at hand.

Pillar Table
Lamp + USB

$187 on sale at West Elm
Multi-tasking furniture always sells well, and this marble and brass lamp has a hidden USB charging port in the base – dangling cords everywhere look bad on film.

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