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What’s Up With Commission Fluctuation, Anyways?

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Q: I’ve noticed that my commission total fluctuates. Why is this?

A: TL;DR Returns and exchanges.

Most retailers build in a 30- to 60-day window in which they will report sales and commissions, but not lock them down for payment. This is to account for returns and exchanges.

This returns cycle is especially evident during huge sale events at popular stores. After all, how many times have you ordered a ton of clothes from a gigantic must-shop sale, buying more than your usual because the deals were so good, then returned half of them after trying them on at home? Probably too many to count.

Rarely, brands and affiliate companies have technical errors that may overstate sales when they report commissions to us. When those errors are discovered and resolved, the brand will reverse the comissions.

Q: Do I get commissions on just the item I linked to at a store?

A: Nope. Most of our merchants offer P.P.S. (Pay Per Sale) commissions: They pay commissions based on the final shopping cart value of the entire purchase made, not just the linked-to item. So, if you linked to a $20 mascara at Sephora at, say, a 15% gross commission rate, and a subscriber clicks the link and purchases $100 worth of items, you will receive commission on the full value of the sale, rather than just on the linked item.

Please note: Pay Per Sale is different from Pay Per Click, in that you are getting paid for actual, final sales, not paid per click on your link. You may be tons of clicks, but not converting those sales into actual commissions.



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