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Earn Extra Revenue by Adding Magiclinks to Old Videos and Posts

How many views has your most popular video gotten? 5,000? 50,000? A million? A lot, right? Did you make that video before you ever joined MagicLinks?

*cue cheesy As Seen On TV announcer voice* What if we told you it wasn’t too late to make money off of that video??

It’s true, it’s NEVER too late. Your most popular videos continue to be viewed by fans and people searching for a keyword on YouTube, so why not go back and add MagicLinks to your old, popular videos?

This may take you some time, but we promise it’s an investment that will pay off in the long run. Your videos will typically have their strongest click numbers during the first few days they’re up, but that number doesn’t ever totally disappear. The below graph shows the earnings power of using MagicLinks in all of your videos:

If you’re overwhelmed by your past video catalog and not sure where to start, sort your videos by “Most Popular” when you’re logged in to your YouTube account, as we’ve done with MagicLinks community member Elle Florence below. This will help you get started by adding MagicLinks to your most-viewed videos. So…. What are you waiting for? Get on it!



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