Featured User: Ruby from Life Of A Mad Typer!


Name: Ruby

YouTube Channel: Life Of A Mad Typer

Twitter: @Madtyper

Instagram: @Rubyblood

How long have you been using MagicLinks? Since summer of 2016

What does authentic communication with your subscribers mean to you? It is very important because who wants to watch someone who isn’t honest. I want them to be honest with me too. Don’t like the way I do something? Tell me and I will consider your feedback.

Have you ever struggled to stay authentic on a particular topic, or with a particular promotional or vlogging partner? I wouldn’t say I have issues being authentic about things. I like to be straightforward and honest about my feelings. If I don’t like something I will tell you why I don’t like it.

How and why did you decide to start your channel? I did YouTube back in the day when AMV videos were really popular. I stopped doing edting about and stepped away from youtube for a few years. Then I started blogging in 2010 and over time Created Life of a Mad Typer. The demand for video reviews became more prevelant and I decided to start a new YouTube channel. Now I love it more than blogging!

What is the most difficult challenge you’ve faced as you’ve grown your audience? I would say the most difficult would be advertising. There are so many videos out there that sometimes it makes it hard to get seen. Also I am just a makeup lover not a professional.

What inspires you? That is a really hard question.I would say there is a ton that inspires me from bright colors, to Sailor Moon, and tons more. If I am looking to be artistic I look at nail art online because there is so many things you can do.

What are your favorite topics to vlog about? I am still really knew to vlogging but I would say probably makeup.

What causes do you care most about, and how are you involved in them? Muscular dystrophy is a big one for me. Growing up I helped raise money for the MDA telethons and appeared on tv a few times. While I can’t be as active as I once was with working full time, taking college classes, and running the blog and youtube, I still donate every payday.

Do you have any pets? We love pets at MagicLinks! I am an animal lover that is to be sure! I currently have 1 small dog and 2 cats. We lost our cat Reese last August to cancer and brought home our 2 kittens in October when we felt we were ready.

What is your favorite MagicLinks feature? I love that I can type in a list of products and it will find the links for me.

What is one of the best comments you’ve ever received on one of your videos? I love when I get comments that I did something they never would have thought of. I don’t know why but I love thinking out of the box and coming up with things others might not have.

What is your favorite place to shop? That is a hard one as I love to shop. I would say online would be Amazon,Ebay, aliexpress. Store wise I would say Sephora and Ulta.

Is there anything you’d like to share with others in the community about your experience with MagicLinks? I wish I had started sooner! The app for my iphone makes things so easy on the go.

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