Best Practices for Tweeting Affiliate Links

Twitter is great for routing traffic to where you need it go. Have you tried tweeting affiliate links? Maybe you haven’t because you don’t want it to seem pushy or like you are just trying to make money off of a link?


Here are our best practices for tweeting affiliate links! We’ve got a few tips for not seeming pushy and having a strategy when it comes to tweeting affiliate links!for not seeming pushy and having a strategy when it comes to tweeting affiliate links!

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1. Shorten Your Links

This is key when tweeting affiliate links in order to fit them into short social messages. You can use link shorteners like or Google URL Shortener. Don’t worry, your affiliate links will still work correctly! 

2. Spread Your Tweets Out

Carefully place your affiliate link tweets between other tweets and never do back to back affiliate link tweets. You want these tweets to fit in naturally and not look spammy.

3. Use Images To Get Attention

A tweet without an image is a somewhat lonely tweet. Dress it up with an image of the item you are tweeting about! Make sure to adjust the image so that it fits within twitter’s guidelines.

4. Word Your Tweets Carefully

Don’t word all of your affiliate link tweets the same. Mix it up and use a “non-salesy” tone. Come across as helpful or like you are offering advice. Nobody likes a pushy tweeter!

5. Schedule Your Tweets Ahead of Time

Have a busy week ahead? Use a scheduling program so that you can schedule your affiliate link tweets ahead of time. This will ensure that you don’t forget about them and will also help you make sure that you are spreading your tweets out the right way.

Anything we forgot? Leave your tips for us in the comments!

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