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Meet Magic Links User: Coffee Break With Dani



Name: Dani

YouTube Channel: Coffee Break With Dani

Location: Dallas, TX

Coffee Break With Dani

How long have you been vlogging? About a year and a half

How long have you been using Magic Links? Since May 2014. So about 6 months!

What feature do you find the most useful in Magic Links? The toolbar! It’s so easy to simply login and then head over to whatever retailer or product you need to link to!

What advice would you give other Magic Links users to get the most out of the program? Be proactive. Don’t forget to link!

Have any pets? We love pets here at Chippmunk! I do! I wish I had more, but at the moment, four dogs and a frog are perfect!

What are your favorite topics to vlog about? Everything beauty!

What’s the best deal you’ve scored in the past month? Oh lord, with Black Friday recently passing… let’s just say all the courier services are very familiar with my address and my face. My doorbell is hot!

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