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3 Secrets to Driving More Sales Using Urgency

48% of consumers say that coupon codes + sales induce them to make a purchase earlier than they’d planned to. 37% of consumers say that discount codes make them more likely to purchase more items than they usually would.* Do either of these statistics reflect your own shopping behavior? How many times have you snapped up a pair of shoes you weren’t 100% sold on, just because they were on sale & about to sell out in your size? How many times have you bought more makeup than you originally planned to, in order to meet the purchase minimum for a discount code?

It makes sense, then, to frame your content in terms of deals, if you want to encourage your fans to click & buy more. Doing a little up-front research and legwork can increase your conversions by thousands a month. Read on for our best tips & tricks to drive more sales using urgency!

1. The Right Words

A picture is worth a thousand words, but words drive the sale home. Think about using words or phrases like this in your videos & captions:

  • Flash sale
  • Today only
  • Selling out fast
  • Clearance
  • Offer expires
  • Sale

2. The Right Information – Before *AND* During a Sale

What makes a purchase WORTH IT to you? A piece that you can wear with almost everything in your closet? That once-in-a-lifetime dress for a special event? The perfect pair of jeans that makes you look & feel like a million bucks?

Giving your fans as much honest feedback about items as possible positions you as an expert, and makes them even more likely to buy when an item is on sale:

  • “I find that these jeans run about 1/2 size small, especially after being washed, so I recommend sizing up one size.”
  • “The foundations in this line seem to have a lot of yellow undertones, so if your complexion is more neutral or pink-based, try ____ foundation by the same brand.”

When a huge sitewide sale is going on (i.e. on Black Friday), do your homework beforehand and upload a video talking about your favorite *and* un-favorite items that will be in the sale. Being honest (but polite) about items you don’t care for reinforces your fans’ positive opinions of your favorite items, which, in turn, makes them click & buy.

3. Item-Specific Alerts

Your fans often want to shop the EXACT look you posted in a YouTube lookbook or an Instagram OOTD. Re-posting that photo with a, “Heads up! The boots and dress in this look JUST went on sale at 30% off each with code ____ – and they’ve only got sizes 6, 9, and 10.5 in the boots & sizes S & M in the dress left! If those are your sizes, buy it now before it’s gone!” Instagram stories with “swipe up to shop” graphics are a great place to do this.

During big sale events, keep your fans updated on IG Stories and Twitter with items that are selling out, to keep them focused on buying more. Set Google Alerts for yourself for items you’ve promoted before, so that if the price suddenly drops, you can let your subscribers know asap.

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