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3 $$-Earning Reasons Why You Should Link to Retailers, Not Just Products

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When it comes to sharing links with your fans, more is more. MagicLinks’ data shows that 10-15 links per video is the “sweet spot” that encourages higher clicks & conversions. Your fans want to know where you bought every piece of your outfit, from earrings to socks, but they also love when you introduce them to new brands.That’s why today, we’re going to talk about the benefits of linking to an entire store or brand page at a store, not just individual products.

1. Brand Discovery

Everyone’s shopped at big retailers like Sephora, Target, and Nordstrom – nothing wrong with that! There’s something so fun, though, about discovering a new indie online store & spending hours browsing their virtual racks, adding items to your shopping cart. It makes your fans feel like they’re in on the secret, when you introduce them to a new place.

2. Appeal to a Wider Range of Shoppers

Most of your subscribers don’t have the exact same skin tone, eye color, and hair color as you – and there are very few TRULY universally flattering shades of makeup. Focusing on a brand as a whole’s formulations, standout items, quality, and pros + cons positions you as an expert, and helps your fans be confident that they WILL find something at this partner brand that will work beautifully for them.

3. Sitewide Sales & Discount Codes

When huge sitewide sales happen at a popular retailer, it can be overwhelming to your fans. Where do they start? What deals are worth their time? Help your fans narrow their focus by pointing them to several of your favorite brands’ homepages on that store’s website.

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