Social Media Savvy: Twitter


YouTube is great, but it’s important to not neglect other social media platforms as you grow your channel and connect with subscribers all over the world. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, Twitter, and other platforms are just as important as YouTube, but navigating all of them can get confusing. We’re here to help with a series of tutorials on different social media platforms, to help you maximize your online presence and keep you connected with your subscribers. Today: Twitter!

Balance Is Key: Think about it. If you follow a brand or musician, and ALL they do is promote their own products, it gets old, FAST. Link to your videos and Instagram posts, sure, but be sure to vary it up. Tweet about your day, ask your followers questions, retweet fun articles or links.

Follow, Follow, Follow: Follow your followers. They’ll ADORE being followed by their fave vloggers! Follow vloggers and bloggers whom you admire, and who make similar videos to yours. You never know where inspiration for your next video may come from, right?

The Metric(s) System): and other sites like Twitalyzer are a great way to track which of your tweets are doing best, how many impressions you’ve gotten, your @ mentions, and more.

Promoted Tweets and Accounts: Willing to pay a little? Promote your account or tweets at You can also reach out to your favorite brands to do sponsored tweets (you will be required to add #ad or #sponsored to those tweets) for compensation, whether that’s free products or money. Be aware, though, that paying for followersa (aka faux-scribers) is generally frowned upon.

Contests: Who doesn’t love free stuff? Give away your favorite products. Give away gift cards or movie tickets. Give away something, anything, and you’ll reach more people.

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