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Black Lives Matter: A Message From The CEO of MagicLinks

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice,
you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”

-Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Dear MagicLinks Community,

Black. Lives. Matter.

Our collective way of being, of relating, needs to change.


George Floyd is only the latest of countless, senseless deaths related to the virus of racism, 99.99999% of which never were recorded for history or displayed so clearly for all of us to bear witness.

Colin Kaepernick faces collusion from NFL owners and is not allowed to pursue his livelihood because of his courageous leadership on the specific issue of police brutality, which was politicized and turned into so-called disrespect for America.

There is no more respectful act than standing for a cause greater than yourself, at great risk to yourself.

I want to live in a country that lives into the fullest expression of its ideals.

That all people are created equal.

That our systems, structures and leadership support this in name, law, deed, and embodiment.

That we all work, in ways internally and externally, to identify the racism and prejudice within us, which we have been taught.

And sit with it.

Feel it.

Feel it.

Feel it.

And from that impossible grief, that place of untold transgressions against our fellow humans: envision anew.

A world without racism or prejudice against our fellow humans.

A world where freedom is not just a declaration on paper but the embodiment of our hearts.

A world where we live from the heart, and know, truly know, that we are all one.

A world where we cultivate harmony with all beings.

I offer the Hawaiian prayer Ho’oponopono, which can be used as a tool to heal the racism and prejudice within us.

Bring awareness to the stories we have been told, and the stories we perpetuate, that contribute in any way to prejudice of any kind.

Heal yourself first, and your internal change will impact the world.

Feel for a time that you personally acted from a place of prejudice, and say the prayer:

“I’m sorry

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I love you.”

Do this over and over until the energy shifts.

In honor of our Black community, MagicLinks has taken the following steps:

Cash contributions to the NAACP on a national level, ACCE on a state level, and the People’s City Council fund on a local level in Los Angeles.

We are also matching employee donations to causes they believe in related to the current crisis, and in support of the broader Black Lives Matter movement.

We are providing full paid time off immediately for team members who need it to meet the current unrest.

And we are committed to learning from, partnering with, and amplifying the creative voices helping to promote awareness, positive change, and a world that truly treats all as equals.

MagicLinks’ team will embody the change we seek by creating a community that celebrates diversity and stands for positive change and inspired action in the world. We humbly ask for your support.

Thank you,

Brian Nickerson
CEO and Co-Founder

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