Scrum Master / Project Manager

About Us

Born in 2014, MagicLinks is one of the fastest-growing influencer platforms powering social commerce today. As a technology, MagicLinks empowers over 15k YouTube Influencers to turn moments of inspiration into new customer acquisitions at over 3.5k retailers. MagicLinks Influencers have launched 160k+ YouTube videos, watched by over 18B fans, driving over $500M in retail sales.

Our longevity with brand partners is founded in our unique ability to match social KPI’s with proprietary customer transaction data (Match Intelligence™) to target the right influencers with the right audience, driving sales and measurable ROAS. Our mission is to help brands solve influencers with a sustainable, performance-based approach, transparency in reporting, and compounding results. 

Tenants of MagicLinks Culture

  • Limitation is an illusion, nothing is ever impossible
  • Make everything you do a work of art
  • Never settle for less than excellent
  • Radical ownership
  • Celebrate failures that come from taking risks
  • Laugh every day
  • Live consciously


A Scrum Master / Project Manager hybrid. Someone who can take the best principles of Agile / Scrum and apply it to the workflow without adding too much process overhead that tends to slow things down.


  • Be able to translate business ideas into technical requirements for engineers
  • Coordinate internal resources and third party vendors to complete projects
  • Collaborate with a cross-functional team of product owners, business stakeholders, designers, engineers and testers to build and maintain a suite of innovative products for our consumers, influencers and brand partners
  • Help improve project team scrum processes, and support improvements in our agile maturity
  • Test and verify completed projects
  • Coordinate deployment scheduling of various features
  • Develop, update and maintain project plan and other overall project documentation
  • Report on project progress to senior leadership and other stakeholders as needed
  • Take radical ownership of a project to make sure it’s on track through various milestones of SDLC

Minimum Qualifications

  • Minimum 3-5 years in Agile Scrum software development
  • Experience with project management software (JIRA, Trello, etc.)
  • Experience with creating technical documentation and wireframes
  • Experience working in a cross-functional development team environment
  • Familiar with web-based technologies, including front-end, back-end, database, APIs
  • Familiar with 3rd party vendors and technical integrations
  • Be able to break down a big project into small parts; estimate the project; deliver it on time, while keeping everyone updated on the progress.
  • Other technical experience is a plus (Developer, Tester, DevOps, etc.)
  • Although you won't be expected to write code, some technical knowledge is required to be able to fill the gaps between business or product requirements and technical requirements


  • Salary + Bonus + Equity (based on experience)
  • Full-time employees are eligible for full health care benefits

Diversity Statement

At MagicLinks, we recognize diversity as something bigger than a search term or buzzword. Diversity here is an acknowledgement that the world is made up of many different facets, that all human beings have intrinsic value and worth, and are under no obligation to be anything other than their honest selves. Diversity means recognizing that different views and experiences are as important as those we’re already familiar with. It means taking radical ownership of the things we affect as individuals and as a company - including even inherited ways of doing things which may be destructive or biased and which we must work to change. It means looking at the world and making sure we embody as many of its best qualities as we can, and striving for that as a matter of principle, not as a marketing goal we check off a list. 

Diversity goes beyond what we look like, who we are, who we love or how we think. Diversity is shorthand for an integrity-driven way of operating and growing every single day, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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