Growth Strategy Intern

Hi there! Thanks for checking out our posting. First off, props for looking for an internship. It's one of the best ways to explore fields that you're curious to learn more about (like how to carry 16 steaming hot coffees into the office at 7 am... jk, we aren't like that. We drink cold brew. JK!!) 

About the Creator Growth team...

We function like a traditional tech company user growth team meets hey bestie 1:1 influencer relationship building realness. This means that we equally obsess over business metrics (like retention, churn, customer lifetime value, and revenue growth) and THE CULTURE. We live & breathe DATA and make all of decisions based on it.

We work cross functionally with product and technology, brand partnerships & fulfillment, marketing, and data science. You’ll brush shoulders with soooo many ppl in an eCommerce marketing org and hopefully will leave with a clearer picture of which avenue excites you the most. 

 A little about what we are looking for… 

Basically, someone that is obsessed with video influencers on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Our team creates the growth journey for our diverse community of influencers that leads them to their highest revenue potential.

K so what does that mean? Basically you have to be smart and cool LOL. 

 Do you wait in line at Glossier on Melrose Place? Perfect pero like order online? Do you wake up and scroll on TikTok until you can fully open your eyes? Loves it but get used to doing that with spreadsheets instead lol jk. Do terms like “decision science” and “insights'' excite you instead of scare you? It’s ok if you’re a lil scared we’ll teach the ways. 

Aside from that, are you analytical? And not just like breaking down your fave red carpet looks analytical. Can you open up a spreadsheet and look at numbers to tell a story?

 Lastly, to do this, you gotta be detail-oriented! *this we can't budge on* We'll need to trust in you to send things, save things, write things, and change things without a ton of supervision. 

 TBH, this is a great opportunity for anyone that's looking to hit the ground running in one of LA's coolest startups. We are a fast growing (cliché but true) agile team that's launched over 300k campaign videos with 30B+ views for brands like lululemon, Glossier, Urban Decay, Armani Beauty, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, HP, ... it's pretty listless. You'll learn a ton of real-world, valuable skills and will 100% have a voice that's heard, a brain that's picked, and an impact that's felt by everyone that works here.

 Sound like something that you're down for? Shoot us a note with your resume and let's see if we vibe.

Duties / Responsibilities

  • Be Creative. Strategize with the team to deliver game-changing content plays for our creators that drive their fans to purchase from their content. 
  • Be Analytical. Help us create a story for our creators using our data to show how they can grow.
  • Be Detailed. Show off your professional skills by liaising meeting times with our creators, preparing visual reports as an aid, and compiling crucial data points to aid in meeting our company-wide goals.
  • Be Curious. It’s an internship you will be doing research xoxo 
  • Be Business-minded. Help us seek out rising content creators to bring into our network and explore new relationships, especially those where there is room to promote sustainability and eco-consciousness.
  • Be a Boss. By helping our boss. Like with any job, odds and ends tasks will pop up that we'll lean on you to spearhead.

Skills you'll learn during the internship

  • Sales analysis
  • Social media analysis
  • Trend forecasting
  • Content strategy
  • Growth strategy
  • Business development
  • Business operations

If you are interested, send us your resume to