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Your 2020 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Roadmap

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In 2019, Black Friday shoppers spent a record-shattering $7.4 billion – and that’s just the online sales numbers. 2020’s online shopping season may hit $1 trillion, aka a million million bucks, thanks to Covid-19. That means there’s a LOT of potential influencer commissions up for grabs, and if you haven’t got a content plan set in place, you could lose out on tons.

Even in non-pandemic years, Black Friday & Cyber Monday merged into one large MEGASHOPPINGHOLIDAY, aka Cyber Weekend. This year, it’s gonna be even more intense than ever.

Put down the paper bag, breathe deep, and read on: We’re here to help.

Step One: Past Performance

Take a look at your MagicLinks holiday 2019 performance reports (not a MagicLinks creator? Apply now!), as well as your overall 2020 sales thus far, and figure out the following:

  1. Which retailers did you drive the most sales to?
  2. What kinds of products resulted in the most clicks & sales?
  3. Which of your 2019 holiday videos & posts performed best overall?

This info will help you tailor your content during Cyber Weekend (plus the week leading up to it), and we don’t know about you, but having a clear focus makes the daunting mass of incoming Black Friday deals wayyyyy more manageable.

Step Two: Start Curating & Creating

While short-form (think 30 seconds or less), deal-focused content is going to earn you the most during the holiday season, film & upload an overall deals preview ASAP.

This 2019 Black Friday preview from MagicLinks creator, Jaclyn Brooke, has over 50,000 views and is still getting traffic & clicks a year later.

Discuss your personal shopping plans with your subscribers, and let them know what products will be on sale at what retailers, and when. Curate an ObsessedWith.It page to go with the video, as well as MagicLinks in your description box.

Step Three: Remember, Your Opinion & Expertise Matter

Giving your fans as much honest feedback about items as possible reinforces your credibility as an expert, and makes them even more likely to buy when an item is on sale:

  • “This brand, for me, tends to run about a half-size big, so if you’re in between sizes, order down.”
  • “I love the newest concealer by this brand, but I do find it skews more orange than their typical shade range, so take that into consideration when you’re picking your shade.”

This kind of info is easy to work into both short- and long-form content, so keep your own personal opinions and experiences in mind when promoting favorite items. It helps fans be more confident in their purchasing decision, and can make them buy more than they originally planned to. *cha-ching*

Step Four: Prep Posts

The MagicLinks 2020 Holiday Deals & Codes page is updated daily with the newest live deals at partner retailers, so check there first for authorized offers!

As you start getting deal preview emails from brands, create posts to go live when the deals are live, so that you can sit back and enjoy your Thanksgiving & Black Friday weekend. MagicLinks will also continue to provide our creators with the latest, best offers.

A couple of points to bear in mind:

  • Never, ever pre-post a deal if a brand requests it remain silent until its live date. This can (and has in the past) resulted in commissions being revoked, and the creator being either restricted from linking to that retailer, or revoked from the affiliate program (i.e. MagicLinks) altogether
  • Don’t overload your fans. Post only the BEST deals you come across, and keep your content short, sweet, and thumbstoppy

Step Five: Monitor For Last-Minute Deals

Many brands will pre-release their main deals for promotion, but sweeten the deal once it’s live, i.e. adding an additional discount for orders over $50, free 2-day shipping, or a free gift. Let your fans know, whenever possible!

Monetize your holiday content: Join MagicLinks!

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