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WWD: MagicLinks Rolls Out Text2Shop Influencer Feature

MagicLinks works primarily with video-based influencers who share content on platforms such as YouTube and TikTok, as well as on Instagram’s Stories, TV and Reels features. While YouTube’s description box makes it easy for an influencer to share links to products featured, link-sharing is harder on Instagram and TikTok, which typically require “two to three levels of clicking,” said Haesil Shin, MagicLinks’ senior marketing manager.

“For Instagram, [influencers] have to say, ‘Go to my bio,’ and for the bio, maybe they link out to another site that hosts all of their content and links, and fans have to click one more time and then probably one more time to get to the product,” Shin said. “When they run into these challenges that they’re not used to on YouTube, they’re like, how do I provide links and monetize my content?”

MagicLinks’ Text2Shop tool gives influencers SMS codes to share with their followers. When texted, a code shares the link to an influencer’s shoppable landing page, where influencers can feature products by MagicLinks’ more than 5,000 brand partners.

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