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Where We’ve Been: The LA Dartmouth Entrepreneurship Conference

As an entrepreneurial startup company ourselves, MagicLinks believes in nurturing new entrepreneurs and sharing knowledge & resources with them. Even when we work in different industries, there are so many common elements to entrepreneurship, and so many benefits to collaborating and brainstorming. This past weekend, our CEO and co-founder, Brian Nickerson, moderated a panel at the Dartmouth Entrepreneurship Conference, hosted at the CTRL Collective in Downtown Los Angeles.

The entrepreneurs on the panel, all Dartmouth alumnus, included Michelle Khare, Alix Peabody, and Andrew Caspary. They discussed milestones and important topics to consider during the early stage of startup companies, and Brian posted a great rundown of the panel’s conversations on his LinkedIn page and Instagram, @evolveandgrow. Check it out, and check out these entrepreneurs’ amazing companies!

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