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Weekly Influencer Trends: Skinamalism, 80s Revival, Pully Tops and To All The Boys: Forever And Always

Don’t sleep on these trends – they can come and go in a blink of an eye! Staying on top of trends is crucial in staying relevant and boosting your channel’s visibility. Check out this week’s trends below!

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Beauty Influencer Trends

You’ve heard of minimalism, but allow us to introduce you to the next big thing: Skinamalism. Now we know what you’re thinking – yet another trend?! I can’t keep up! Well, don’t fret because you may already be doing this at home! Skinamalism is all about stepping up your skincare and toning down your makeup to allow your natural skin texture to shine through. In the age of Zoom university, conference calls, and stay at home, we’ve all collectively made skincare our top priority. Tiktok users have even adopted the K Beauty ‘slugging’ technique and are having a hayday on Skin-Tok!

Now, we all know 90s trends came in HOT in mainstream media, but we’re seeing a full-blown 80s revival on the horizon. This decade was known for its exaggerations: high blushed cheeks, bright fuchsia lips, electrifying eye looks complete with frosted eyes, colorful mascara and bold eyeshadow. TikTok users have taken this trend and expanded it to re-envision what they would look like if they lived through this time period. Channel your inner Madonna and rock out with your most colorful looks!


I would’ve thrived in the 80s 👾⚡️ which would you be? ib: @gracebritt ##80s ##tiktokfashion ##pictureday

♬ original sound – ilovethe80s

Halsey is the latest celebrity to launch a brand in the beauty space. Meet About-Face, a brand all about multi-dimensional makeup for everyone. The focus is all about creative expression, so you’ll see a lot of bold eye pigments complete with the perfect sparkly glow to add to your complexion. Hop on these products and give it a try for your audience to see!

Fashion Influencer Trends

Ooh la la! We heard Emily in Paris is greenlit for a second season, so it’s no surprise that French girl fashion is currently trending! Think open-back dresses to flatter the female body, straight-leg high-waisted jeans for the working woman, chunky boots for the girl-on-the-go, and lingerie-inspired slip dresses. We love it all! What French-inspired look will you be trying?

Pully tops: What are they and why do celebrities seem to L-O-V-E them?! You’ve probably seen your fave celeb or influencer wear them, but didn’t know what they’re called. Pully tops have small, peek-a-boo gaps held by anything from pull rings, strings, and even safety pins! These gaps typically run down the center of the top, revealing your skin beneath. Check out boss babe Holly Marston completely KILLING the pully top trend. Work it, girl, work it!

Next up in the weekly roundup is volume – volume everywhere. Whether it’s layers upon layers of fabric on dresses and skirts, wide-fit statement trousers, or large poofy sleeves, the volume is real with these up-and-coming spring trends. Don’t be alarmed if you see volume mixed with bold, vintage-inspired psychedelic prints make its way to mainstream fashion. Do we smell a 60s comeback coming later this year? Keep your eyes peeled. 👀

Pop Culture & Entertainment Trends

Covid brought on many challenges for us and we’ve had to find creative solutions for some of the minor problems we face while staying at home. *cue at-home hair dye* To no surprise, we’ve seen a serious uptick in at-home hair dye sales at the beginning of quarantine due to the nationwide shutdown of non-essential services like salons, but thanks to e-girls and e-girl trends, at-home hair dye is making its second wave in the Gen-Z crowd. We’re seeing many DTC brands like Hally cater to the demand by providing vibrant semi-permanent colors to choose from for the perfect e-girl look. Semi-permanent hair color without the bleach? Sign us up!

Lastly, if you’ve been living under a rock, then you might now know that the third installment from the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before series is out of Netflix. Twitter users have mixed feelings about the film, especially towards teen heartthrob Noah Centineo. We’ll surely be seeing more conversations about the film pop up! Are you going to be watching?!

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