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Weekly Influencer Trends: It’s 2-D For

Influencer Trends: Maybelline Sky High Mascara, Easter Pastels, e.l.f. x Chipotle, and KVD Good Apple Foundation Balm

Staying on top of social media influencer trends helps with content creation and boosting your social presence. Check out this week’s influencer trends below – it’s all that and a bag of (guac and) chips!

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Beauty Social Media Influencer Trends

If you haven’t heard about the new Maybelline Sky High Mascara, then let us put you on one of the drugstores’ most raved about products in 2021. Content creators can’t seem to escape the virality of the product because we’re been seeing product reviews on this mascara across YouTube and TikTok. Makeup gurus can’t stop praising the mascara’s volumizing and lengthening benefits. Do you and your audience a favor and start linking! You’re welcome. 😉

Word on the street is e.l.f. Cosmetics’ new collection with Chipotle is IT. Makeup enthusiasts and Californians alike are flocking to get the cute avocado blender and tbh, it’s actually that cute. We see you doing your thing, e.l.f.!! What will you be copping for your personal collection?!

Everyone and their mothers are raving about KVD Beauty’s new Good Apple Foundation Balm. It’s full coverage, lightweight, and easy to apply… What more can you ask for?! This product is flying off shelves, so we suggest you hop on this latest TikTok viral trend and get to linking!


Is this actually worth the hype or wut??????I try NEW KVD Beauty Good Apple Foundation Balm! @KVDBeauty #A#D #g#oodapple

♬ original sound – GLAMZILLA

Fashion Influencer Trends

Bold shoulders give us the confidence we need in our lives, and we’re so here for it. Previously, we covered maximalist fashion and over-the-top styles, and we’ve learned that it’s time for minimalist fashion to take a seat and let the big dogs come out and play. Whether you partake in this trend through puffy sleeves or strong shoulder pads, we praise you for being the boss *ss babe in your life!

Colors, colors, colors… We can’t get enough, especially pastels! We’re totally vibing on the quintessential Easter colors that are popping up in the fashion scene. From dreamy lavenders to soft, pale greens, pastel colors are here to stay. Our fave way to insert pastel colors into our wardrobe is through accessories. Try out this trend with pastel bags or shoes from Forever 21! Check out our girl, Summer Rachel Warren, killin’ it with her Forever 21 spring haul below.


which one are you?? shop with me live tn at 8pm mst @forever21 @magiclinks @afterpayusa ##foreverbabe ##f21xme ##magiclinks ##ad

♬ women only have 4 moods – ben esherick 😁

Wide-cut and relaxed silhouettes dominated Spring ‘21 runways, so expect to see a lot of oversized outfits in online boutiques. Think upsized, loose proportions — the slouchier, the better!! Grab this latest influencer trend from retailers like H&M or ASOS for runway looks on a budget! Your audience will thank you. 😏

I think it’s safe to say we’re ALL excited for the spring season. Bits of spring are popping up in colors, styles, and now, even funky and joyous jewelry. We’ll still give it to the minimalists for their gold layering staples, but maybe it’s time we have a little fun and let the colors speak for themselves! We’ve been seeing a lot of kitschy statement acrylic and clay jewelry pop up and we love the joy and comfort it brings! It’s giving us major early-2000’s vibes.

Let’s talk: 2-dimensional bags. We’ve seen it all from blogger-fave Jacquemus micro bags to XXL totes, but allow us to introduce you to 2D bags. These paper-thin bags may not be the most functional choice of the bunch, but you’ll still be able to flex your creativity with these show-stopping bags. Try scoring 2D bags from retailers like Nordstrom or Net-A-Porter!

Pop Culture Social Media Influencer Trends

TikTok creators are using “When He Sees Me” from the musical Waitress to share their romantic mishaps to the line “I like him and he knows it,” or just to share what makes them simp. Remember: partaking in viral TikTok trends by using trending sounds or music can increase your exposure and potential to go viral!

In a surprising turn of events, Eminem’s popularity is on the rise as his 2005 single, “Fack,” is trending on TikTok as creators are highlighting scenarios that most people would generally want to be in before showcasing reasons as to why it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Examples include living in Paris, having older siblings, and being tall. We never said social media influencer trends had to make sense. 😉

The psychedelic clown filter on TikTok is gaining traction as creators are using this filter paired with this sound to show embarrassing moments where they’ve felt like “clowns.” Celebrities including Charli XCX and Miley Cyrus have posted their takes on the trend. If there’s anything that we’ve learned after watching tons of these types of videos is that we all have lived similar lives. 😅


FML is the new NFT. 🤡

♬ Pan con choclo – Angi_randxm.xD

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