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Weekly Influencer Trends: Shifting Into 2021

Weekly Influencer Trends for March 28 April 3, 2021:
Jeffree Star Cosmetics F*ck Proof Mascara, 2016 vs. 2021 Makeup Challenge, and Shift Haircuts

Staying on top of trends can help with content creation and boosting your social presence. Check out this week’s trends below!

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Beauty Influencer Trends

Jeffree Star Cosmetics recently added a new product to their lineup called the F*ck Proof Mascara, and we are VERY intrigued about it. With it’s everything-proof claims, we’re starting to see why beauty addicts are rushing to grab this hot product before it sells out (again). Tag us on social media if you give this product a go and don’t forget to link it to earn $$$! Hint: Beautylish carries this product, and they’re monetizable… you’re welcome 😉

We have been L-I-V-I-N-G for the 2016 vs. 2021 makeup challenge (click here for more 2021 TikTok trends you can’t NOT film) because of all the nostalgic looks we’ve been seeing. Can you believe how different makeup trends were back then compared to now?! Try to give this challenge a go to see how different you do your makeup now!


Makeup is insane… I look like two different people at the end… ##makeup ##beauty ##2016vs2021

♬ Chun Swaee ITSBARBIEBETCH – Ava 🥀

We’ve also seen shag haircuts take the form in so many different ways, like through punchy punk rock chops à la Miley Cyrus and sweet shaggy curls similar to SZA. Now, we’re seeing this trend take on a new form through new-age color. Think color-blocking paired with fashion colors to compliment the whole look. We’re here for it!

Contrary to the loose, tousled look of shag cuts is the latest hair trend to hit the scene: Shift Haircuts. This short hairstyle is categorized by choppy layers of varying lengths on the top of your head. Remember pixie cuts? Kinda like those, but more choppy and lots more to play with! This cut gets its name from the seasonal shift we see when spring rolls around. Check out Demi Lovato rocking the shift cut below!

Fashion Influencer Trends

Spring has sprung and that means it’s time to spring clean… right? Well, not entirely! We’re seeing lots of videos around seasonal transition outfits, a.k.a. those fall/winter pieces that can still be salvaged for the spring! Items like loose cardigans, light jackets, and comfy trousers can easily be incorporated into your spring wardrobe as the weather starts to warm up. We suggest creating content around multiple ways you can still make good use of those trendy winter pieces.

If there’s anything that this quarantine has made us realize, it’s that comfort is key. Why should we sacrifice looks for comfort when we can have both?! Knit sets are the perfect cozy necessities that look just as cute outside as it does in and we see this trend staying for a while. If you’re in the market for some, Boohoo’s got some amazing selections in trendy spring colors and at an affordable price!

This trend is perfect for any body type and at any age. We’re loving how cute new mama Naomi Boyer looks with her little bundle of joy!

Pop Culture & Entertainment Influencer Trends

Yet another song from the early 2010’s has made its way back to the forefront and this time it’s Mike Posner’s “Please Don’t Go.” TikTok creators are showing their old Hollywood glam and fashion by using this song whilst driving around with the windows down. How fun! Will you be recreating this trend?


u already know the vibes ##foryou ##fyp ##bestfriends ##christiangirltiktok ##summer

♬ Please Don’t Go – Mike Posner

This next trend has us rolling because of the irony. Twitter users are shouting out dead celebrities and historical figures in tweets that say what modern idea, service, or product they would have loved if they were alive today. The format goes: RIP [name] you would’ve loved [idea]. Check out a couple of our favorites below!

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