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Weekly Influencer Trends: It’s Magnetic, Baby

Golden Globes, Benefit Cosmetics Magnet Mascara, Royalcore, and More!

Staying on top of trends can help with content creation and boosting your social presence. Check out this week’s trends below!

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Beauty Influencer Trends

New product alert! Benefit Cosmetics recently launched their latest product in the “They’re Real!” line called Magnet Extreme Lengthening Mascara and it’s got some cool science about it. (We’re so into it 🤓) Benefit babes have been raving about the product and YouTube has been flooded with content focused around this mascara. If you’re able to snatch one up, we recommend creating content and start linking to earn commissions. Bring. On. The. DRAMA!

Next up, we have award-show Zoom makeup. Wait, that’s a thing? YES! We’ve seen work-from-home Zoom attire, but allow us to introduce you to award-show Zoom makeup: vibrant lips, voluminous lashes, and SHINE, BABY! ✨ Think about what would really accentuate your features and pop on camera – this is what Golden Globes makeup artists had to keep in mind when working on their celebrity clientele for the most recent Zoom award show. Many makeup artists believe people are longing for glamour after being cooped up and in masks for so long, so they expect lots of vibrant lips, lashes and some shine. Try creating your own Golden Globes Zoom look and get to linking!

Spring is around the corner, so naturally celebrity makeup artists are feeling inspired by the upcoming bloom! We’re seeing lots of healthy glow, fresh and polished looks, and sultry spring glam makeup! Some of our personal favorites are Andra Day’s sultry monochrome look and Elle Fanning’s chic rosy and polished vibe. What will you be trying?!

Fashion Influencer Trends

So you’ve heard of cottagecore (hint: think Taylor Swift’s Folklore album), but have you heard of Royalcore?! Yes, it’s a thing and it’s inspired by Regency, Rococo, and Renaissance-era fashion. Helloooo, Bridgerton!! We previously mentioned corsets and the impact it’s making on modern day fashion, and we expect it to stay – at least, for the first half of 2021. If you’re into feminine, dainty pieces that flow in the wind, then Royalcore is your trend.

The only time being square is cool: on shoes and shoes only. From boots to pumps to sandals, rounded and pointed shoes have stepped aside for a boxier look. Grab them while they’re hot! You can find fun, square-toed stompers from retailers like Nordstrom, ASOS, and Everlane. Did we mention those sites are monetizable with MagicLinks? You’re welcome. 😉

How cute is MagicLinks creator Olivia Grace Herring in these trendy square-toed boots?

Cool AF cutouts: yay or nay? We think YAY! This trendy piece has been reimagined in countless ways: from chic turtleneck sweaters to funky two-piece sets, cool cutouts can be tailored to your perfect style. Some of our fave brands that sell these trendy pieces are Missguided, Boohoo and PrettyLittleThing. So what are you waiting for, babes?!

Move over midaxi skirts, the weather is warming up and so are we with the latest fashion trend: mini skirts 🔥🔥🔥 We’re living for this iconic millennial style and plan to rock the mini for as long as society allows us. Queen Cher would be P-R-O-U-D.


Pop Culture & Entertainment Influencer Trends

Now onto more empowering news, TikTok users have created a “literally how is she so attractive” trend paired with a remix of Foster The People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” as a mode of hyping themselves up. A little confidence booster never hurt anyone and we’re loving all of the beauty we’re seeing on our For You pages!

You probably heard this song at least once, but have no idea who sings it. It’s called Telepatia from R&B singer Kali Uchis and it’s a whole vibe. This is a top trending song and we recommend putting it on a TikTok video to increase your potential to reach more audiences and perhaps even go viral!

TikTok users are sharing relationships in their lives that ~just make sense~. From one bestie that likes physical touch and one that doesn’t to one short bestie and one tall bestie, the “Perfect Touch” trend displays all the unique and beautiful, yet familiar, relationships we have in our lives.



♬ Моя голова винтом – kostromin

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