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Weekly Influencer Trends: Juicy Lips, Virtual Color Matching, WandaVision, and TikTok Effects

Staying on top of influencer trends can help with content creation and boosting your social presence. Check out this week’s trends below!

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Beauty Influencer Trends

Less seems to be more in 2021 and not only are we seeing skinimalism in the limelight, but we’re also seeing exaggerated, juicy, and plump lips take center stage. Who knew dollar store lip gloss would find its way to mainstream media?! Nonetheless, watch us take our bag to Target and go HAM in the beauty section.

Pro tip for creators: find glosses that you like in different price points and link so your followers can get the look!

How gorg is MagicLinks creator Kirah Ominique?!

Virtual color matching is the latest craze now that in-store testing has been removed from our beloved retailers. Be on the lookout for more brands adopting VR technology to provide a unique shopping experience and connect with their consumers. Shout out to e.l.f. Cosmetics for their VR try-on lip filter that they launched with us last year – we see you leading the way. 😉

Now let’s talk WandaVision… Can we just take a moment to acknowledge the nostalgic perfection of this show?! We l-o-v-e. WandaVision has even stolen the hearts of TikTok creators and many are pulling inspiration from the show’s method of transitioning between color and black-and-white to create gorgeous looks from it.

Check out TikTok creator Hally absolutely SLAY this WandaVision-inspired look. Um, hi?! The talent jumped OUT, honey!!!


I think I’ll do Vision next – creds: @brooke.ellis_ #wandavision #makeup #mua #scarletwitch #makeupartist #wandamaximoff

♬ original sound – The Seven

Fashion Influencer Trends

There’s always a new trend popping up in the world of TikTok and you are going to absolutely love this next one. TikTok creators are creating looks inspired from their favorite album covers. Now, this trend actually started in mid-2020, but more and more creators are looking to expand their creative repertoire and are turning to their favorite album covers for inspiration.

Take a look at boss babes Diana Milkanova and her fire ‘fits!


Outfits inspired by album covers 💔 all clothes are of my brand, you can see more on Insta 🥰#outfits #fashion #summerlooks

♬ 1990 – PINES

Pop Culture & Entertainment Influencer Trends

The drama is ON with this trending sound. TikTok creators are using this sound to call out double standards or ask hilarious hypothetical questions, like when your parents get on you for staying in your room all day. Some can get pretty controversial, so be careful with what topic you go with!

While some can get a little spicy, we’re so here for these #womensupportingwomen vibes.


I’m obsessing over this trend lmaooo ##girlwiththewineglass ##bgcdramaeffect ##girlboss

♬ BGC Drama Effect – whozmanzzz

If there is any trend that perfectly explains the anxiety we sometimes feel in certain public situations, this Dangerous TikTok trend is IT – like when you’re in the salon and you’re too nervous to ask the nail lady to fix something. Yup, this 100% happens. How #relatable (but actually).

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