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Want More $$? Retag Your Fave Items. A LOT.

Many influencers focus on anything & everything new – and with good reason! You want to be the first to review the newest products, the first to get your content up. That’s all well and good, but let us remind you: It’s never a bad idea to retag items you use.

Part of why your fans trust your opinions is that they can see you using the product. You, a real person, not an actor chosen by a brand to read a pre-written script. The authentic, off-the-cuff nature of social media videos is what helps sell products. The other thing that helps sell products? Seeing them in action.

Savvy creators work hard to make sure they re-tag their favorite items, the stuff they use regularly, so that their viewers see they really DO use them in real life. This helps show the versatility and utility, and prove to your viewers that you’re not just in it for the clicks, but to share truly amazing items with them.

So, how to retag?

  • Monthly Favorites videos
  • OOTD or MOTD
  • GRWMs

Even just showing yourself wearing it in a live video or Snap, and linking it below without mentioning it directly, will help!

As a reminder: MagicLinks are evergreen, so they will continue to earn you clicks & revenue as long as they’re posted somewhere on your channels. The more links you post (and the more times you repost a link), the more money you’ll make.

*cover image adapted from B&H Photo & Video

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