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Try the Trend: Recreating A Popular YouTuber’s Makeup Tutorial

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We’ve all watched a makeup tutorial that had us going, “WOW. That is gorgeous, but there is no way I could ever actually DO that.” Why not throw caution to the wind and, well, do it – and film yourself doing so? Your fans will love seeing you not take yourself too seriously – and even if your results are less than perfect, they’ll want to buy the MagicLinked products in your video description box.


The internet DIED when J.Lo’s makeup artist, Scott Barnes, showed Tati how her signature look happens. We died watching the gorgeous AlexisJayda try the techniques herself in this video. Girl. You slayed.

Nikkia Joy‘s results may not have been what she’d hoped for, but watching her recreate a Jaclyn Hill makeup look was pure comedy gold. We happen to think it the results were gorgeous, too!


Flashpoint 13″ 600W
5500K Ring Light

$39.95 on sale at Adorama
A good ring light is a MUST for makeup videos (and, really, all videos). You’ve gotta have the right lighting – every Hollywood starlet and YouTuber knows this.

Morphe The James Charles Palette
$39 at Ulta
We were sister shook when our own MagicLinks creator, James Charles, released this every-color-EVER palette. It’s really the only one you need.

Glamcor Riki
Skinny Vanity Mirror

$20.47 at Beautylish
This lighted makeup mirror includes removable attachments for an included magnifying mirror AND for your phone or camera, so you can do close-ups.

Farsali Skintune Blur
Perfecting Primer Serum

$54 at Sephora
So far as we can tell, layering 18 serums + primers underneath makeup is the reason all those beauty YouTubers have the most perfect skin, ever.

Luminous Dewy Skin
Mist Travel Size

$20 at Tatcha
Mist your face, before AND after makeup application, with this YouTuber-beloved, hydrating spray. Even if you failed that cut crease, your skin will look lit from within.

BeautyBlender Pro
$20 at Birchbox
Often imitated, never duplicated. The original BeautyBlender has appeared in basically every makeup video since its launch in 2007. It’s a must-link.

BFF Black on
Black Mascara

$8 at Colour Pop
A blend of links to both high-end and low-end products always sells well, right? Good thing this $8 mascara performs as well (or better) than a $38 one.

Precision Brush
Collection Set

$65 at E.L.F. Cosmetics
Even the best products won’t apply well without good quality brushes! This 9-piece brush set, a $74 value, includes everything you need to glow, baby, glow.

Giorgio Armani Luminous
Silk Foundation

$64 at Nordstrom
There’s a reason why every top makeup YouTuber AND every red carpet makeup artist uses this foundation: It’s hard to make your skin look bad, wearing this.

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