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Tips for Successful Collab Videos

You might be thinking, “Collab? Is that, like, some new wunderkind skincare ingredient?” Nope. Collab is short for collaboration, and it’s a tool you’ve GOT to have in your YouTuber arsenal. A YouTube collaboration is any video made together by two or more vloggers, to get more exposure and grow one another’s audiences by working together to promote themselves and each other.

Want to know how to make a YouTube collab that goes viral? Read on!

Know the Types of Collabs

  • Guest Appearances – Whether filmed together or virtually, guest-starring in one anothers’ videos is a great way to collab. Be sure to tag the other vlogger in the title, intro/outro, and video description to maximize search results!
  • @ Mentions – This is the easiest way to collab. Just exchange @mentions and link to one another’s channels in the video description box. It’s simple, quick, and effective.
  • Multi-Part Collabs – Film one video for both channels, but split it into two parts: One published on your channel, and the conclusion or first half on the other channel. It’ll encourage viewers to click between both channels to see the whole story.

Partner Like With Like

Are you a gamer who does Minecraft mod videos? Find another vlogger who does the same thing. A beauty vlogger who specializes in eyeshadow tutorials? Find another vlogger who does the same thing. There may already be some overlap in your subscriber bases, but you’re sure to garner some new subs when you collab with a vlogger in your content vertical.

Be Committed and Dedicated

Back in school, there was nothing worse than getting stuck in a group project where you were the only one doing all the work, right? So make sure, up front, that you and your collab partner know who is responsible for what, and what your deadlines are.

Promote Away!

Once your collab goes live, don’t forget to mention it on ALL of your channels, and tag your collab partner in your posts: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Cross-promotion is key!

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