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News: Instagram (Kinda) Reverts to Chronological Feeds

It appears that Instagram has, finally, listened to the legions of users who begged for an algorithm change. For the past two years, since March 2016, Instagram’s algorithm was, supposedly, “ordered to show the moments we believe you will care about the most.” In reality, most users felt it prioritized sponsored posts and posts from just a few of the accounts they followed, and repeatedly showed seemingly random posts.

That’s about to change…. Kind of.

Instagram is not returning to a full chronological feed, unfortunately (we wish!). They are attempting to respond to user feedback by reconfiguring their algorithm. IG is also reportedly testing a “New Posts” button that will allow users to manually refresh their feeds, rather than feeds randomly refreshing and returning users to the top in the middle of a browse session. Feeds will “feel more fresh”, with more recent posts being more likely to appear first in your feed.

More improvements are in the pipeline, but haven’t been announced yet. Dare we hope Instagram will offer a “most recent posts” option that gives you a purely chronologically ordered feed, as you can do on Facebook? Fingers crossed!

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