Name: Michelle

YouTube Channel:

Location: California

How long have you been vlogging? A little over a year and a half

​What inspired you to start your vlog?  Nobody in my personal life had such a passion for makeup as I did, so I started my YouTube channel in the hopes of connecting with other people who share my same obsession!

Any words of wisdom for someone considering starting a vlog? Always stay true to yourself. Especially when it comes to the beauty industry, it’s easy to get caught up with looks, numbers, etc. Always remind yourself of your passion for it and remain humble.

How long have you been using Magic Links? I think it’s been over a year now!

What is your favorite thing about MagicLinks? It’s a great way for beauty vloggers to monetize their recommendations – I also like how it tells you what products are “hot” right now.

What feature do you find the most useful in Magic Links? I like that you can see what links get the most clicks – helps track the level of engagement from your viewers.

What advice would you give other Magic Links users to get the most out of the program? First of all, be sure that you actually like and use the product or item you’re recommending. Once you’ve established that – link everything! What you’re wearing, products you’re talking about, the lamp in the background of your view. People will ask!

Favorite quote or mantra that you live by? Life is as beautiful as you make it.

If you could travel anywhere tomorrow where would you go? Australia! I’m dying to visit there!

Favorite Magic Links Retailer? 🙂

What is one of the best comments you have received on one of your videos? Whenever someone leaves me a comment that they had a horrible day or are going through a tough time and my videos cheered them up, it solidifies everything I’m doing.

Where is your favorite place to shop? Sephora, Ulta, Zara, and ASOS! It’s hard to pick just one!

What’s the best deal you’ve scored in the past month? Beats was having 8% cash back for Sephora… enough said!

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