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How To Get Featured on Instagram Reels (It’s Easier Than You Think!)


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Instagram Reels was released just over a week ago, and it’s already hugely popular with Instagram users (especially since TikTok may soon be banned). Many creators are already wondering how to get their Reels featured on the Explore page, and/or pushed into users’ in-feed Suggested Reels. We gotchu.

Getting featured on Reels is pretty similar to getting your regular posts & IGTV videos featured on the Explore page The algorithm favors what it considers to be high quality, trending content. What constitutes that?

Content: First, Last, and Forevermore
As always, THE most important thing to remember is to make content YOU are passionate about. The emotion & joy you find in creating content will motivate you to keep going – nothing is more obvious than a creator who wants to get big JUST to get famous, and doesn’t care about becoming a sellout.

Approach your content with intent


    • What emotions do you want your audience to feel?
    • What do you want them to learn?
    What kind of content gets you PUMPED to create?


Post Regularly
Posting regularly increases your engagement rate, and the likelihood of being featured on Reels – plus, hi, you should be posting regularly ANYways.

Popular Song Choices & Hashtags
Just like TikTok, certain songs regularly go viral on Reels. This is partly because if a tutorial (dance, makeup, etc) accompanies the song, viewers will want to watch it multiple times in a row to memorize all the info.

Same goes for hashtags: Adding popular (but not TOO popular) hashtags to your Reels helps get them in front of more potential new fans.

Brand Consistency
Got your aEstHEtIc down? Having a clearly defined brand helps immediately identify your content when folks are scrolling mindlessly through their feeds. Think: Color, lighting, effects/editing, kind of content, the whole nine yards. Keep it consistent!

Good Video Resolution
Technically, video resolution isn’t a verified factor in the IG algorithm. Viewers are, though, much more likely to click on a video with high resolution than something blurry & pixelated… and the more they click & watch, the higher your engagement rate, which means a higher chance of being featured!

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