The MagicLinks Retailer Ratings Tool instantly provides creators with a full picture of the investment a brand makes in e-commere for creators. You’ll know exactly how invested a brand is in your success as a creator, and how much money you are likely to earn when you send your valued fans to a brand.

We rank each of our 2,500+ partner retailers, using 12 determining factors, on a scale of 0 to 5. These factors include commission rate, cookie duration, affiliate overwriting solutions, and more. This transparency will not only help creators, but also help brands better understand what they need to do to help make you more successful, which means a lot more money to earn.

Many creators have been burned by brands’ affiliate terms: For instance, sending 10,000 fans and receiving just $17 in commissions. The brand then excuses this, saying, “your fans didn’t convert.”

In most cases, this is due to poor design of affiliate terms that assign credit to other very low value sites, like cash back, coupon, or toolbar businesses. The problem is not only about commission rate, which is important…it is often more about attribution. A 40% commission rate means nothing if the brand attributes 100% of your success to another low-value player in the channel!