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4 Tips for Monetizing Your Podcast

Love listening to podcasts while you’re commuting, working out, or just hanging out at home? So do millions of others. Podcasts, when done right, can be an integral part of your overall brand, not to mention a huge moneymaker. Here’s how to do them right.

1. Livestream the Filming on IGTV or YouTube

Half the fun of livestreams AND podcasts is the more spontaneous, anything-can-happen feel of the flow of conversation. Set up a livestream (and promote it in advance to fans) on IGTV or YouTube when you’re recording your podcast, so fans can interact with you, shop links, and giggle whenever you mess up. *wink*

2. Cross-Promote On Other Channels

Not all of your fans follow you on all your channels, right? Right. It just makes sense to cross-promote your podcast on your other channels. Do behind-the-scenes videos on YouTube or IGTV, link the podcast in your blog, etc.

3. Add MagicLinks to the Description Box

Wherever you upload your Podcast, add some MagicLinks to the description box. Simple, easy, money-earning.

4. Incorporate User Donations

Whether you use, Patreon, or other payment services, you should reward your fans for contributing. Give shoutouts to top donors, do contests & giveaways, etc. Make it fun!

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