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4 Reasons Why Instagram Stories are Crucial to Influencer Success

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As of January 2019, Instagram Stories have 500 million active users, every day. 500 million – aka half of the 1 billion Instagram users, worldwide. If you’re trying to grow your following on ANY social media network, you can’t ignore Instagram Stories as a growth tool. Here’s 4 reasons why:

1. 95% of USA-based Instagrammers also use YouTube.

This means Instagram Stories is a GREAT way to promote your latest video, and to do some research on what your fans want (more on that here!)

2. Stories allow a more nuanced, multidimensional look at your channel brand.

You can show a more “off the cuff” side of yourself than you do in carefully edited & filtered Instagram photos, blog posts, and YouTube videos. This helps your fans connect to you, and makes them trust your product recommendations more.

3. The number of Instagram videos quadrupled from 2017 to 2019

It’s estimated that by 2020, nearly all online content will be video-based. We live in a visual world that LOVES video, so connecting with fans via video is key to increasing your sales.

4. Frequent use of Instagram Stories ups your engagement rate

The Instagram algorithm prioritizes users who post frequently to Instagram stories. Why? It analyzes the depth of a fan’s relationship with an account based on how often they engage with that account’s posts. Instagram Stories offer lots of options for engagement, from polls to open ended questions to “swipe up to shop” links.

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