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3 Quick Tips to Maximize Your Holiday Commissions With ObsessedWith.It

This time of year, consumers are branching out beyond their usual favorite stores & products, and they need YOUR help. You’re their style idol, so naturally, they want to know your fave gifts for everyone on their list.

Solution? Our exclusive link curation tool, ObsessedWith.It. We gotchu.

Want your own ObsessedWith.It page to share with fans?

1. Gift Guide Collection Pages

For techies. For coworkers. For quarantine-bored kids. For K-pop stans. For beauty lovers. For fashionistas. ObsessedWith.It collection pages make it simple to curate shoppable gift guide pages for any gifting niche you can think of. Creating gift guide collection pages for your fans to browse and shop is easy, quick, and a surefire sales converter.

Loving RawBeautyKristi’s holiday gift guide on her ObsessedWith.It page!

2. Auto-Sync Your ObsessedWith.It and YouTube

All of your YouTube videos- yes, ALL – that have MagicLinks in the description box can get their own ObsessedWith.It social post page in, quite literally, ten seconds. Here’s how.

On the MagicLinks desktop site, click on the ObsessedWith.It tab in the left-hand navigation menu. Then, make sure the “Autosync with YouTube” button is toggled on. That’s it!

All YouTube videos you’ve ever put MagicLinks in will now have auto-created ObsessedWith.It pages, ready for you to share with fans anytime, anywhere – and so will all videos you add MagicLinks to in the future!

3. Link ObsessedWith.It In ALLLLLL Your Bios

Adding your ObsessedWith.It main page link to the top of your social media bios/homepages will ensure your fans always have a go-to spot for shopping your style. Don’t forget to verbally call it out in every video + caption. Remember: A CTA (Call To Action) is one of the key parts of getting fans to click + shop your links!

A few CTA examples:

  • “Tap the link in my bio to shop my look & gift recs!”
  • “Tap the link in the description box to shop all my holiday gift recommendations – no matter who you’re shopping for, I’ve got you covered.”
  • “Last minute gifter? Click the link in my bio to shop quick-ship gifts that I *promise* won’t get regifted!”

Want your own ObsessedWith.It page to share with fans?

*Cover images courtesy of MagicLinks influencers Julia Havens and Naomi Boyer

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