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The 2021 Sephora Spring Savings Event: Your Content Strategy, Delivered

Did somebody say, "Sephora coupon"? The 2021 Sephora Spring Savings Event will save rewards members up to 20% sitewide!

How to Earn More $$ With MagicLinks During the 2021 Sephora Spring Savings Event

When a certain black-and-white striped bag starts popping up in every other post on your feeds, you know a Sephora coupon is coming… Beauty influencers, rejoice: The 2021 Sephora Spring Savings Event is almost here! Your fans are looking to YOU for expert recommendations & juicy sale gossip. Read on for the best ways to maximize your MagicLinks earnings during this year’s Sephora rewards code event!

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When Is the 2021 Sephora Spring Savings Event?

2021 Sephora Spring Savings Event Dates & Details -code OMGSPRING ROUGE members: 20% off from 4/9 - 4/19/21  VIB members: 15% off from 4/13 - 4/19/21  INSIDER members: 10% off from 4/15 - 4/19/21

How Much Can I Earn In Commissions During the Sephora Spring Sale?

Top MagicLinks influencers earned upwards of $15,000 in link commissions during the 2020 Sephora Spring Savings Event, which ran April 17th through May 1st, 2020.

during the 2020 sephora spring savings event, MagicLinks influencers drove $2.4 million in sales (an average of $406 per MagicLink) and 744,000 clicks (an average of 123 clicks per MagicLink)

The 2020 Sephora Holiday Savings Event, which ran October 30th through November 9th, 2020, generated some pretty impressive sales numbers.

during the 2020 sephora holiday savings event (10/30 - 11/9/20), MagicLinks influencers drove $1.7 million on sales ($398 average per MagicLink) and 457,000 clicks (111 clicks average per MagicLink)

The Sephora earnings possibilities are endless!

What Are Examples Of Great Sephora Sale Videos?

MagicLinks has partnered with Sephora on multiple influencer campaigns, including the 2020 Spring Savings Event and 2020 Holiday Savings Event. The two videos below, from MagicLinks creators Sarah Cheung and Kaice Alea, drove incredible views, clicks, and sales.

Here’s what made these videos so successful:

  • Calling out the free Sephora Beauty Insider rewards program, since these coupons are always only for rewards members
  • Mentioned + linked 15+ products in the description box
  • Chose a wide variety of brands + price points
  • Verbally called out savings breakdown + dates for each rewards tier
  • Discussed pros and cons of products: This builds major trust with fans
  • Responded to fan comments

Got Any Amazing Sephora Beauty Insider Sale Strategy Secrets?

Oh, do we ever. Creating a strong content plan around tentpole ecommerce events is crucial to long-term influencer success. Here’s a quick breakdown of our top 2021 Sephora Spring Savings Event secrets for success – and you don’t even need 100k+ subscribers to earn big!

How to Sell More At the Sephora Spring Sale 1. upload sale recs videos 1-2 weeks early to rank higher in search algorithms 2. call out your links in videos: "click the links in the description box/bio to shop!" 3. create 12+ MagicLinks per video: this is the "sweet spot" for clicks & sales 4. keep fans updated daily on top sellers via IG Stories, Tiktok, etc 5. show yourself applying the products you're recommending to fans 6. give honest feedback (i.e. if a foundation oxidizes) to build trust with fans 7. suggest & link alternatives for sold-out items as the Sephora sale progresses 8. use lots of SEO keywords in video titles, descriptions, and post captions

Key Creator Takeaways

  1. Start filming & scheduling content now
  2. Make MagicLinks for EVERY product you mention (and create ObsessedWith.It collection pages so your fans can shop instantly
  3. Always call out your shoppable links in descriptions + bios
  4. Keep fans updated on your sale recommendations as the sale progresses
  5. Get your longest videos filmed & uploaded ASAP, to rank higher in search algorithms

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*Cover image features MagicLinks influencers Camillia Yvette, Morgan Turner, and Brittany Raquell

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