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The 2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Even *Bigger* Than Black Friday? You heard it here first.

nordstrom anniversary sale 2020 deals


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More hyped than the latest iPhone. More squealed over than Harry Styles’ “Watermelon Sugar” music video. It can only mean one thing: The 2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is almost here! With major discounts on major designers in every department, and major commission stakes, influencers can’t afford to miss out on promoting the #NSale.

Due to COVID-19, Nordstrom is taking extra precautions with this year’s Anniversary Sale, and so are consumers – more online shopping = more opportunities for creators to link up, promote, and earn BIG.

During the 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, MagicLinks creators earned, on average, DOUBLE the commissions they did on Black Friday. That’s double the commissions, from just one store, not lots of stores, and we’re not lying: Check out the graph below, taken directly from our internal performance reporting!

If you want a piece of that action, keep reading for MagicLinks’ pro strategies to help you make this your highest-grossing sale ever!

The Anniversary Sale preview goes live Friday, July 24, 2020, so block out some time on your calendar to create MagicLinks to all your sale must-haves & save your favorites to your Wish List.


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The first two days of each access level are the top-selling ones, as shoppers want to grab their favorites before they’re out of stock forever. Nordstrom cardholders get staggered early access dates depending on your card rewards tier: The higher your status, the earlier you get to shop. Let your fans know about these dates:

  • August 4-5: Top-performing dates for Icon Early Access
  • August 6-7: Top-performing dates for Ambassador Early Access
  • August 10-11: Top-performing dates for Influencers Early Access
  • August 13-14: Top-performing dates for Insider Early Access
  • August 19-20: Top-performing dates of Anniversary Sale public access

Got your content calendar planned yet? Here’s what to film, and when to post it.

  • Now: Your NSale recommendations, as soon as the preview is live on July 24th.
  • When the Sale’s Live: Shop With Me Livestream: Take your fans with you as you shop the sale online, on an Instagram or YouTube live stream.
  • As the Sale Continues: Unboxings, haul try-on videos, restock & almost-sold-out alerts – Instagram Stories are GREAT for this!
  • After the Sale: Haul lookbook + product reviews.

Don’t just tell your fans the deals are good, show them. Add details on original price, sale price, % off, and $$ off amounts. Discounts encourage larger purchases, so emphasizing great savings is key.

Re-promoting your links throughout the sale – especially when you receive your order or items are about to sell out – will increase your overall conversions.


Scarcity makes people feel like they *NEED* to buy an item: It’s a proven scientific fact.

Post “Swipe Up To Shop” links & pics frequently, and add a “Nordstrom Anniversary Sale” Highlights reel to your IG bio page. If an item is about to sell out or the price drops further, alert your fans immediately!

Utilize YouTube’s new Chapters feature: Group items as you film (shoes, makeup, etc), then add timestamps + organize links by category in the description boxes. This lets fans find what they want faster.

Your fans trust your expert opinions, so giving them details such as, “This brand tends to run a half-size small on me. Normally, I wear an 8, but I always order a 10 from this brand” helps drive more sales.

Earn money on Instagram & YouTube: Join MagicLinks!

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